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About Us

Being a player in supporting and accelerating an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa and the Middle East since 2017, StartupGateX has been able to promote and support the Scale-up of Tunisian and African startups and SMEs through the Tunisian ecosystem.

In this context, StartupGateX launch the first hybrid startups Studio in Tunisia, the purpose is to establish a shared approach backed by digital means and tools of all related start-up scene actors, from international to regional level from talents, start-up’s, SME, corporations, VC, incubators, accelerators and policy makers enabling them to interact contributing to mutual interexchange of information and collaborations.

More than 3000 Startups from over 30 African countries have applied to our Acceleration and Bootcamps Programs, it has managed to attract over 100 Investors and Venture Capital from over 50 countries around the world.

Our Programs

Corporate Innovation:


Innovation is the currency of the 21st century.

Large corporations know that market share doesn’t guarantee a secure future for their business. To stay ahead, they need to foster innovation and disruption.

Companies all over the world have innovation labs, where creative, agile teams push the boundaries of the possible and work to create a new world.

Your company can accelerate startups in-house. Benefits go both ways: startups can learn from your expertise while you can take advantage of the new ideas being developed under your own roof.

Startup Puzzling:

Startup Puzzle is a crowd sourced database and platform to connect startups with ecosystems in different MEA countries and service providers. Our main target is to accelerate the growth of local startups by giving them access to the foreign market and by connecting them to their Startup Mate in targeted countries. Thus by facilitating the establishment of hybrid startups with a win-win mindset.

Ventures Factory:

Build a startup from scratch in our Venture Studio. We believe that a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem is a vibrant and evolving one. We work together not only with entrepreneurs and startups, but also other organizations like NGOs, Universities, Accelerators, Incubators, and Tech Parks... We also provide the community with open Pre-Incubation series of events: Hackathons, Challenges, Ideations Camps, and Workshops.

Venture Scouting

Attract the best companies to drive your success through innovation and collaboration.

Talent Validation

Assess teams to incorporate the most brilliant and innovative minds into your company.

Fast-Track Ideas

Assess and validate ideas and projects to quickly implement collaboration.

Project Acceleration

Train, mentor, and validate the commercialization of your selected ideas and projects.

Global Ecosystem

Transfer our ecosystem to your programs: top mentors, investors, and partners to adopt disruption.

Partnership Advisor

Detect the best opportunities for acquisition and partnerships aligned with your strategy.

Do you have what it takes?

  We want projects that can be validated on the market within 3 months time.

  We believe investing too early in heavy tech and product builds can point to failure.

  We love businesses that are operational, service oriented, with a tangible component at its core.

  We have corporate partners ready to team up with projects from Day 1.

Support Across Every Startup Function

Product & Design

Helping you and your team to build the right product in the right way.


Helping shape your strategy and fundraising story, and putting you in front of the right investors.


Strategic and hands-on support growing revenue and building your brand.


Making sure you can recruit and retain a brilliant team that can deliver on your mission.

Data Science

Helping you design and implement systems that extract knowledge out of data.

Strategic Partnerships

Drive growth through partnerships with our corporate partners and other businesses in our network.

Corporate Development

The art and science of fundraising, commercial and legal support. Refine your investment story, and master your term sheets, investment agreements, and team incentives.

Publicity & communications

Effectively communicate your startup externally.


Support on high-level R&D strategy, tech stacks all the way to low-level data schemas and hiring.

Our Startups

More than 200 startups participated in our programs and accelerate the growth
of their business thanks to our network and acceleration tools.

Investors & Advisors

Whether you’d like to find follow-on investors for your portfolio, source deal flow from your peers, or just meet plainly amazing individuals, StartupGateX is the place to be.. During the three last years more than 100 Investors, C-Levels and advisors joined our programs. They were coming from Four continents to support Africans entrepreneurs and Talents.

Investors Testimonials

We foster pre-seed capital by enabling access to our corporate partners and a dedicated team of experts.

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